Monday, July 5, 2010

Surviving the Summer- Tips for your skin

A lot of this is common knowledge so bear with me if you already know what I'm talking about. For the rest of you, it's summer & you want to run around in a cute new swimsuit. But are you prepared? Have you moisturized & applied your sun protection? You may have a dark skin tone, but you still need skin protection from the sun. We all do no matter how well we tan or how much we want to have that sun glow. If you are adamant about getting that tan, try fake baking, it's safer & you won't look like a California Raisin in twenty years. Another way to fake it is with a bronzer. I use a liquid bronzer all over, and for a bonus it makes legs appear slimmer!
There are great spf options out on the market. Powder protection is getting all kinds of accolades, even though I have never personally tried it. My new favorite is a continuous spray, no messy slime on my hands and super handy. However be careful spraying around the face.
And did you know that sunscreen is not the same as sunblock? Sunblock blocks the rays, while sunscreen isn't as strong & needs to be reapplied more frequently (about every 2 hours!) There have been advances in sunblock formulas & you can now find block that isn't a solid color.
Beat the heat & the sun by carrying an umbrella or parasol. This may seem silly, but it can really make a walk in the sun more comfortable & it can be fun & stylish too! I'm always happy to accessorize, it gives me an excuse to shop!
Survive the summer by staying hydrated. If you are drinking alcohol out in the heat, it's even more important to maintain you water intake. You don't even need to drink only water, eat fruit like grapes or watermelon, or frozen fruit popcicles, a fun & tasty way to stay hydrated. Drink what your body needs, don't force water on yourself; we come in different sizes & thus need different amounts of water. Over hydrating can be a problem too, so don't overdo it!
Have fun cooling down, swim, dip your feet, or take cold showers. Keep a water spritzer nearby & spray your face.
Summer makeup should be light & durable. Think tinted moisturizer, liquid or cream blushes & water proof makeup. Another trick is to use milk of magnesia under makeup to block sweat. It works, but it's best for people with oily skin, and needs to be applied thinly or it will leave a whitish residue.
Have fun this summer but treat your skin like the treasure it is! This is the best time of the year to flaunt it so make sure it's always healthy!

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