Monday, July 5, 2010

Surviving the Summer- Tips for your skin

A lot of this is common knowledge so bear with me if you already know what I'm talking about. For the rest of you, it's summer & you want to run around in a cute new swimsuit. But are you prepared? Have you moisturized & applied your sun protection? You may have a dark skin tone, but you still need skin protection from the sun. We all do no matter how well we tan or how much we want to have that sun glow. If you are adamant about getting that tan, try fake baking, it's safer & you won't look like a California Raisin in twenty years. Another way to fake it is with a bronzer. I use a liquid bronzer all over, and for a bonus it makes legs appear slimmer!
There are great spf options out on the market. Powder protection is getting all kinds of accolades, even though I have never personally tried it. My new favorite is a continuous spray, no messy slime on my hands and super handy. However be careful spraying around the face.
And did you know that sunscreen is not the same as sunblock? Sunblock blocks the rays, while sunscreen isn't as strong & needs to be reapplied more frequently (about every 2 hours!) There have been advances in sunblock formulas & you can now find block that isn't a solid color.
Beat the heat & the sun by carrying an umbrella or parasol. This may seem silly, but it can really make a walk in the sun more comfortable & it can be fun & stylish too! I'm always happy to accessorize, it gives me an excuse to shop!
Survive the summer by staying hydrated. If you are drinking alcohol out in the heat, it's even more important to maintain you water intake. You don't even need to drink only water, eat fruit like grapes or watermelon, or frozen fruit popcicles, a fun & tasty way to stay hydrated. Drink what your body needs, don't force water on yourself; we come in different sizes & thus need different amounts of water. Over hydrating can be a problem too, so don't overdo it!
Have fun cooling down, swim, dip your feet, or take cold showers. Keep a water spritzer nearby & spray your face.
Summer makeup should be light & durable. Think tinted moisturizer, liquid or cream blushes & water proof makeup. Another trick is to use milk of magnesia under makeup to block sweat. It works, but it's best for people with oily skin, and needs to be applied thinly or it will leave a whitish residue.
Have fun this summer but treat your skin like the treasure it is! This is the best time of the year to flaunt it so make sure it's always healthy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Blue Matters? Interview

Here's an interview with yours truly on Why Blue Matters.

"As with anything we want to do in life (relationships, career, goals, dreams), it all comes down to one thing: CHOICE. We literally have to make up our mind and choose to will ourselves forward. We have to choose to pick ourselves up when we fall. We have to choose to overcome every obstacle that may come our way.

Choice as interesting, exciting, and scary as it may seem is the very thing that will either keep us where we're at currently, push us foward or hold us back. However, for our next WBM feature, Mia Bauman when faced with having to make a life altering decision, she chose to move he steps in the direction of what she is most passionate about.

Here to share a few words and some thoughts about passion and success, Mia Beauman chats with us.

Get to know her a little better.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

So tell me a little bit about yourself:
MB: I am from Corpus Christi, Texas!

MB: Mostly Makeup, film, reading (sci fi,) painting and music.

Explain for those who may not know what you do for clients
MB: I am a makeup artist, I am classically trained to make my clients their naturally beautiful selves. I also style hair, and I do some effects makeup.

What's your perspective on beauty?
MB: Beauty to me is about being healthy, clean, and vibrant!

What do you like most about being involved in fashion and beauty?
MB: Besides making people look amazing, and bringing out their best, I love meeting new people & making some magic happen! It's truly an art.

How long have you been involved?
MB: I started about a year ago. I was working before I left makeup school; I had my first jobs in April, 2009.

What did you do before becoming a mua?
MB: I was a portrait artist before, and I realised I should be doing makeup, it just came to me, that there are even better canvases out there! But it's different painting a face as a portrait than as makeup. In art, i painted what I saw, but as a makeup artist, I'm enhancing the subject & making it as beautiful as possible. And it can be challenging! There are different shapes & colors to work with... Not the same as painting what is already before me.

I understand, you also do special effects make up as well, how'd you get involved?
MB: I learned makeup effects in school. All makeup is effects, but what I really learned is how to glue things on, and what it feels like. It can be uncomfortable, and it's very difficult! It's also all about illusions.

How important are relationships and credibility in what you do?
MB: In this field it's about your contacts, who you know, so your personality & credibility is important. People want to be comfortable around you & also be able to rely on you!

What inspires and motivates you?
MB: Usually I will cruise other artists' work online, read blogs or watch youtube videos for inspiration or tips. Sometimes a job will challenge my skills, or I will watch a movie & desperately want a new lip color or blood product! Watching other makeup artists is also inspiring, they always have something you can learn. And fashion, art & makeup magazines are the best.

Biggest accomplishment?
MB: My biggest accomplishment was working at the Miss Universe Pageant, but really, every day I try something new, or manage something I couldn't before, or just have a really great shoot, I feel like I'm on the top of the world!

What would you do if you weren't involved with what you're doing currently?
MB: I would probably be doing something else in film, like camera work, or maybe I would have further pursued painting. I want to pick it up again anyways.

Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?
MB: I'd like to see myself getting good jobs like on Law & Order, or another show. I want to work in Spain or Italy as well. I really want to travel for work!

Any future projects?
MB: There's always future projects! Well, I am starting a graphic novel in a few weeks. It should be really interesting!

What type of impact would you like to leave with your works?
MB: I hope to eventually be that person who inspires other makeup artists to go for it. I love meeting people who are just starting out, and I like to help connect them to their dreams. I also want to help promote great looking, healthy skin!

Any advice for those looking to pursue their business and styling endeavors?
MB: Well, definitely work every day, whether it's looking for new connections, testing, or emailing, or trying new products. Don't flake or be late, don't overwhelm yourself, and always have fun! "

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Testing, 1, 2, 3?

Hi ya'll! As you all know, my life is makeup. i do a lot of work with independent clients, photographers, films, graphic novels, you name it. But one thing i find frustrating is when i need to "test" a look, or i need a quick pic of some makeup, but i don't have the time to find a photog, a model, and a studio to do so. So i'm bringing the tests home, we bought some lights & are experimenting here. This is not to say we expect to be serious photographers any time soon, but it's a nice way to work at home, get my guy involved, and get quick pics when i need them. Another great use for this is when i need to practice my fx makeups before application on set, with my sweet bf as a model. Nothing is better than a great partnership!
So hopefully soon, when i write about a look, i will be able to post original photos featuring makeup, created here, in the studio. Who knows, i will start a video blog someday too?

i never hit the burbs... i never head to Target, consequently i've missed this line of new duo makeup sets at Target. i recently was intriqued by an ad, clicked the link, and viewed what i've been missing. I think when it comes to your own makeup, especially what travels with you, compactness is key, and things with a dual purpose is even better. For instance, this line by NP Set has plenty of duo purpose makeups, like the Duo Pens Eye Line/Cream Blush, and the Mascara/Concealer. What a great idea! My only criticism is that the colors are limited. This is great for the consumer who doesn't have the makeup resources we have in cities, like Sephora, and i think they make some great purse staples for anyone.
Another great product i have heard great things about at the Sonia Kashuk brushes, some of which i have handled, and i say, feels great! These brushes make a great addition to a professional's kit or a makeup consumer's makeup bag.
Another product line i like that sells duo products is Stila, who has great convertable cream blush & lip colors.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lisa Stock

Lisa Stock is a filmmaker based in New York City. Her Gothic work doesn’t rely on the traditional vampire tales and ghost stories, but rather delves deeper into the dark side of human nature and what we embrace and allow to happen that might not always sit well with our conscience. Her stories take those darker inner tendencies and brings them to life visually through tales incorporating myth and fairy tale – everything from the legend of the Wild Hunt, to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She is fascinated with the struggles of life and death, right and wrong, instinct and discipline, and shies away from gore in favor of letting the darker nature sneak up on her audience, and catch them in a moment of recognition with the character. Her films include: “The House of Voluntary Bondage” – a prequel to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde; “The Silent Nick and Nora” – a magic realist film noir where women’s hearts are stolen – literally, yet their bodies feel the effects slowly; TITANIA – a retelling of one of the most brutal fairy tales, The Armless Maiden, through Shakespeare’s timeless queen; and the upcoming web series “The Wild Hunt” which entwines the plight of the angel of death with the myth of Daphne. You can learn more about her work online at:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Boudoir, baby

Nothing beats making your average woman breathtaking! Partly because transformations are gorgeous, it's like creating a masterpiece painting, and partly because there is no average woman, and we are out to prove it!
Last weekend i did a stellar shoot with several lovely ladies & a great photographer, Laura Boyd.
Here's one sneak peak to our shoot, with a great example of this spring's trendy pink lip!

i can't wait to add more!

Art beating in my chest

Last weekend i had the privilege to shoot at the late Keith Haring's old apt, which a designer couple, Cole Nahal and Garrett Bowser, repainted with inspired and remarkable art.
It was a hectic shoot, the rain was pouring, people were delayed, but we grouped our creative minds & made magic!
Here's a preview of the shoot!

Nellyel (Model)
Zoe Hiigli (Photographer)
frances L urrutia (Wardrobe Stylist)

More to come!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Now Lip

Right now statements are imperative. Everyone has a statement necklace, purse, twitter, you name it. The noughts are about expression, much like the eighties. The statement pout is an easy way to brighten up your expression, and it's easy on your wallet! Following some examples made by Pat McGrath, pucker up baby!
(Check out this great retrospective to her many amazing looks at Beauty Blitz!)
Pat's orange lips for the Prada show might not be for everyone, but most people can pull off a red. One way to really make your red last is to start off with either a full base of lipliner or a red stain. i use Revlon's Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor in Flame which works great for me.
Another color i am enamored with is of course pink, which is making a serious comeback this season. The colors are going to be coral inspired, and also a blue pink, which will make your smile brighter!
Check out this blog on some great colors, and of course i always suggest Makeup Forever because they have the most impressive variety.
Next is the dark lip, which is transitioning. Try a sheer color, like BLACK TIE OPTIONAL SHEER SEDUCTION LIPSTICK, or try Mac's Blackware for a more sheer but delightful version of this years black pout.
Another great but difficult twist can be done by applying a color in the center of the lips & then faded outward to make a kind of stain effect, as if drinking a berry wine & stained from it (or blood for the more gothic minded.) i love this look, and use it often, it works great for my crooked pout & looks wonderful in the summer.

But skip the silver in the "bow" part of the lip, that is strictly a runway look!

All these lip looks should be paired with a subtler eye look, again, perfect for humid summers! My favorite is to add a little mascara, add a tiny amount of blush on the lids, and go! And don't forget your sunscreen!

(Photo credit Laura Boyd Photography)

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Now Face

Right now i am in love with the "nude" or natural smoky eye. It's the same as a regular smoky but with earthtones. Use a dark brown eyeliner with a little bit of black to deepen the look, with your usual black mascara. It's a soft update on the classic smokey look! One of my favorite makeup colors right now are soft beige for the eyes with a slight, smooth shimmer. Try Makeup Designory's Dulce De Leche or Makeup Forever's Metallic Light Beige 125. These colors look great with a natural smokey eye, adding sophistication.
A lip shade i'm absolutely mad about & that goes so well with this looks is Cameo by Face Atelier. To me it's one of the most perfect shades ever made, and it's brand new. Try it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Clean Canvas

Before you start a project, you usually begin with a clean work area, whether painting, cooking, or crafting (i hope!) Your face is the same way. You need a clean canvas before you start your masterpiece!
First clean with a good facial soap, not bar soap! (i used bar soap for years & had a red face to prove it.) Burt's Bees facial soaps are my preferred choice, but find one that works for you and your skin type.
Every few days i like to exfoliate my face with baking soda. I love that it's a readily available product, and it's super gentle on my skin. Exfoliating is key to having bright, clear skin! It helps clear blackheads & removes dead skin, and is one of the most essential things you can do for beautiful skin.

After washing & exfoliating, next moisturise, again with a product adequate for the face. This is also a super important step & one we neglect often! Even if you have oily skin it's necessary to replace what you removed with washing. Moisturiser does not apply oil, but much needed water. In the summer's humidity you can usually go without though, as there's plenty of moisture in the air!

After moisturising, and before appling makeup, make sure that the moisturiser is well absorbed, but polishing it over with a sponge or your fingertips.
Now you're ready to start your face!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your makeup hoarde!

Every modern woman has a makeup bag, box or closet. But for everday use, are you rifling through it all trying to find that shade you wear every day anyways? Have you practically thrown your back when you travel with it? The hard part is figuring out what items are necessary. The basics for your purse should be limited to a tube or two of lip products (gloss or lipstick) and a powder. Anything else is excessive unless you have a high maintenance face! No one needs to reapply mascara unless you're Tammy Faye (and the mascara companies bemoan their loss.)

For your travel purposes, you should have a travel brush set. In reality, no one really needs more than four brushes for their own face. A blush/loose powder/bronzing brush, a shadow brush, a creasing brush, and an angle brush. Sephora sells an amazing, compact set that rivals my professional brushes (i love the creasing brush too much.) They have many more great compact brush sets but this was by far the best & most compact that I found.
About your makeup!
How many old eyeliner pencils grace the bottom? An excess of sharpeners, millions of glosses, 3 billion eye shadow shades? Narrow it down. I definitely have a LOT of makeup, but i separate my daily makeup from my fun stuff, so it's easier to get the job done.
Figure out what you use the most: Four shades of eyeshadow should be enough. Your daily look should be uncomplicated & easy. Less is more! If you must have them, try getting a compact that includes all the colors you use, and Inglot is the perfect place to personalize your colors!
One blush color, one mascara tube, one eyeliner pencil & one eyebrow pencil. Yes, it's asking too much, but your makeup bag should be light.
Try to get mechanical pencils instead of wooden ones, then you don't need the mess & fuss of a pencil sharpener.
One bottle of foundation is all you need for your skin, if you need concealer, apply more in the area, or use the product buildup around the lip of the bottle. Most people don't need a concealer, but if you do, check out Smashbox's line of concealers, the non cream concealers last longer without creasing.

For a blush i heavily recommend Makeup Designory's cream blushes. They are beautiful, look wonderful, and are easy to apply without any tools (and for a sweet, fresh look, i apply some on my upper eyelids with only mascara to compliment!)

To pull it all together, find a a nice, compact bag. Check out Etsy for some great cute options!
Next time i will write about making up the perfect face, shortcuts & product suggestions & all!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Makeup on the Cheap

Let's face it, makeup is expensive. Often you have no idea how it will sit on your face, how it will look in different lights, and it's hard to commit to purchase a shade for twenty plus dollars when it could sit in a box full of other unfulfilling purchases... Well, you can change that habit.
First, access your need. Do you really need a new red, pink, or whatever shade? Do you need the new crazy shaped mascara wand? Are you changing foundation brands or colors? The best thing you can do to sample these new buys is to visit a store who lets you sample to brands. Sephora is a popular & well stocked store in most cities, or department stores such as Macy's or Bloomingdales also allow sampling. Don't be pushed into a purchase! Sephora will gladly give you a sample of foundation to take home, so you can see how it works in daily life. I suggest this to most of my clients, because what looks amazing in the store under expert application might look awful at home in natural light & a more realistic application!
Please, never apply a sample makeup directly to your face using the products' applicator! If you must sample on your face, clean the surface of the makeup first & then use a disposable applicator that the store provides, disposing of it after each products. Never double dip. This way we can all help prevent any unwanted transmissions of ickyness!
The second advice I can give you is to visit stores with your favorite products, such as Mac, Makeup Forever, Face Atelier, you name it. These stores are staffed with experts at their brands, have more of the line available, and will of course be able to give you samples, or at least let you sample the products on yourself. Usually in these stores, at the right time of day, the sales associates have more time to spend their attention on you & really give you good service. Again, do not let yourself be pressured into a buy! Assess what you want, take a walk, & if you really feel like you found what you need, go back & make the purchase.
There is one store in New York, the only one in the US (sorry) named Inglot, that is a great bargain buy. Their products are well priced, beautiful, and they have a wonderful palette system that allows you to buy any variety of colors & products in a really smart looking magnetic palette case for a really good price. The staff is willing to let you sample the products, apply it on you & more than willing to educate you about their line. Inglot
Another way to get a bargain on makeup is to visit Cosmetic Market at 17 East 37th Street New York, a discount makeup store. They have a lot of discontinued products, & samples out as well. This is a good place to find something unique, satisfy a makeup splurge urge, & a great way to sample some colors. I noticed that they have a ton of palettes there as well, which can be more bang for your buck. But be smart about your purchases, some products do not age well.
I also like to check out to try to win some of the amazing products they send to lucky winners every month. Another great site is Beauty Blitz, and another is Running with Heels.
There are many ways to make a smart purchase, get more bang for your buck & to sample products for free! Next time I will try to help you stuff the perfect makeup bag for yourself!