Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your makeup hoarde!

Every modern woman has a makeup bag, box or closet. But for everday use, are you rifling through it all trying to find that shade you wear every day anyways? Have you practically thrown your back when you travel with it? The hard part is figuring out what items are necessary. The basics for your purse should be limited to a tube or two of lip products (gloss or lipstick) and a powder. Anything else is excessive unless you have a high maintenance face! No one needs to reapply mascara unless you're Tammy Faye (and the mascara companies bemoan their loss.)

For your travel purposes, you should have a travel brush set. In reality, no one really needs more than four brushes for their own face. A blush/loose powder/bronzing brush, a shadow brush, a creasing brush, and an angle brush. Sephora sells an amazing, compact set that rivals my professional brushes (i love the creasing brush too much.) They have many more great compact brush sets but this was by far the best & most compact that I found.
About your makeup!
How many old eyeliner pencils grace the bottom? An excess of sharpeners, millions of glosses, 3 billion eye shadow shades? Narrow it down. I definitely have a LOT of makeup, but i separate my daily makeup from my fun stuff, so it's easier to get the job done.
Figure out what you use the most: Four shades of eyeshadow should be enough. Your daily look should be uncomplicated & easy. Less is more! If you must have them, try getting a compact that includes all the colors you use, and Inglot is the perfect place to personalize your colors!
One blush color, one mascara tube, one eyeliner pencil & one eyebrow pencil. Yes, it's asking too much, but your makeup bag should be light.
Try to get mechanical pencils instead of wooden ones, then you don't need the mess & fuss of a pencil sharpener.
One bottle of foundation is all you need for your skin, if you need concealer, apply more in the area, or use the product buildup around the lip of the bottle. Most people don't need a concealer, but if you do, check out Smashbox's line of concealers, the non cream concealers last longer without creasing.

For a blush i heavily recommend Makeup Designory's cream blushes. They are beautiful, look wonderful, and are easy to apply without any tools (and for a sweet, fresh look, i apply some on my upper eyelids with only mascara to compliment!)

To pull it all together, find a a nice, compact bag. Check out Etsy for some great cute options!
Next time i will write about making up the perfect face, shortcuts & product suggestions & all!

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