Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lisa Stock

Lisa Stock is a filmmaker based in New York City. Her Gothic work doesn’t rely on the traditional vampire tales and ghost stories, but rather delves deeper into the dark side of human nature and what we embrace and allow to happen that might not always sit well with our conscience. Her stories take those darker inner tendencies and brings them to life visually through tales incorporating myth and fairy tale – everything from the legend of the Wild Hunt, to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She is fascinated with the struggles of life and death, right and wrong, instinct and discipline, and shies away from gore in favor of letting the darker nature sneak up on her audience, and catch them in a moment of recognition with the character. Her films include: “The House of Voluntary Bondage” – a prequel to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde; “The Silent Nick and Nora” – a magic realist film noir where women’s hearts are stolen – literally, yet their bodies feel the effects slowly; TITANIA – a retelling of one of the most brutal fairy tales, The Armless Maiden, through Shakespeare’s timeless queen; and the upcoming web series “The Wild Hunt” which entwines the plight of the angel of death with the myth of Daphne. You can learn more about her work online at:

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