Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Testing, 1, 2, 3?

Hi ya'll! As you all know, my life is makeup. i do a lot of work with independent clients, photographers, films, graphic novels, you name it. But one thing i find frustrating is when i need to "test" a look, or i need a quick pic of some makeup, but i don't have the time to find a photog, a model, and a studio to do so. So i'm bringing the tests home, we bought some lights & are experimenting here. This is not to say we expect to be serious photographers any time soon, but it's a nice way to work at home, get my guy involved, and get quick pics when i need them. Another great use for this is when i need to practice my fx makeups before application on set, with my sweet bf as a model. Nothing is better than a great partnership!
So hopefully soon, when i write about a look, i will be able to post original photos featuring makeup, created here, in the studio. Who knows, i will start a video blog someday too?

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