Thursday, February 25, 2010

Makeup on the Cheap

Let's face it, makeup is expensive. Often you have no idea how it will sit on your face, how it will look in different lights, and it's hard to commit to purchase a shade for twenty plus dollars when it could sit in a box full of other unfulfilling purchases... Well, you can change that habit.
First, access your need. Do you really need a new red, pink, or whatever shade? Do you need the new crazy shaped mascara wand? Are you changing foundation brands or colors? The best thing you can do to sample these new buys is to visit a store who lets you sample to brands. Sephora is a popular & well stocked store in most cities, or department stores such as Macy's or Bloomingdales also allow sampling. Don't be pushed into a purchase! Sephora will gladly give you a sample of foundation to take home, so you can see how it works in daily life. I suggest this to most of my clients, because what looks amazing in the store under expert application might look awful at home in natural light & a more realistic application!
Please, never apply a sample makeup directly to your face using the products' applicator! If you must sample on your face, clean the surface of the makeup first & then use a disposable applicator that the store provides, disposing of it after each products. Never double dip. This way we can all help prevent any unwanted transmissions of ickyness!
The second advice I can give you is to visit stores with your favorite products, such as Mac, Makeup Forever, Face Atelier, you name it. These stores are staffed with experts at their brands, have more of the line available, and will of course be able to give you samples, or at least let you sample the products on yourself. Usually in these stores, at the right time of day, the sales associates have more time to spend their attention on you & really give you good service. Again, do not let yourself be pressured into a buy! Assess what you want, take a walk, & if you really feel like you found what you need, go back & make the purchase.
There is one store in New York, the only one in the US (sorry) named Inglot, that is a great bargain buy. Their products are well priced, beautiful, and they have a wonderful palette system that allows you to buy any variety of colors & products in a really smart looking magnetic palette case for a really good price. The staff is willing to let you sample the products, apply it on you & more than willing to educate you about their line. Inglot
Another way to get a bargain on makeup is to visit Cosmetic Market at 17 East 37th Street New York, a discount makeup store. They have a lot of discontinued products, & samples out as well. This is a good place to find something unique, satisfy a makeup splurge urge, & a great way to sample some colors. I noticed that they have a ton of palettes there as well, which can be more bang for your buck. But be smart about your purchases, some products do not age well.
I also like to check out to try to win some of the amazing products they send to lucky winners every month. Another great site is Beauty Blitz, and another is Running with Heels.
There are many ways to make a smart purchase, get more bang for your buck & to sample products for free! Next time I will try to help you stuff the perfect makeup bag for yourself!

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